Is it worth attending job fairs?

Have you ever taken part in job fairs?

Do you know how to prepare for this kind of event?

The main benefits

There are lots of advantages that regard attending job fairs:

  1. You might meet employees from different companies and ask them directly about working conditions 
  2. You might also meet people from or – they might tell you a few details regarding current as well as future trends that refer to the job market
  3. If you are lucky, you may encounter Recruiters as well as Human Resources Managers of the companies you are intereted in. You may provide them with your electronic and/or paper version CV/resume/cover letter, etc. As far as I know, if there are not many people recruiters can ask you a few questions regarding the job you dream about. Trust me, sometimes miracles do happen faster than we think so do never give up and prepare yourself well for the job fairs.
  4. Software developers; Cyber security Specialists and/or Managers; Marketing and Public Relations Managers – if you keep searching, you  may also talk to these people which is an amazing opportunity. If they do remember you, there is much higher chance for you to get the job you desire.
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How to start preparing for job fairs?

It may seem obvious, though still a lot of people do not have the foggest idea how to prepare for the job fairs.

One of the most important things is to check the list of the companies that will take part in this event. It is usually visible at the website of the organization that organizes job fairs.

Next, it is worth visiting the websites of the companies we are the most interested in. Later, it is good to write a CV as well as a cover letter regarding these firms. It is crucial  to write a different CV/cover letter for each company. Unfortunately, lots of people are not aware that their CVs and cover letters are often rejected as their applications are not customized to the companies they would like to work for.

Yes, I am sure you are able to write your own CV/cover letter/resume. Of course, it will take much time though, trust me, it’s worth it.

There are also a lot of career coaches who can support you with correcting your applications. It will take time and money as well but if you are serious about your career, it i really worthwile.

Commitment or .....

No matter if the economy is booming or there is a breakdown, it is worth showing commitment as well as readiness for new job opportunities.

A few months ago I took part in a job fair. I met there someone who said: ” There will be another job fair /more focused on IT jobs and robotics in a few days. I replied: ”Cool, congratulations that someone informed you about that”

Do you know what happened a few days later? This person told me he did not go as … it was rainy {not heavy rain, just regular rain}

He informed me that it was ok for him to just have a look at the website with job offers related to the event/job fair.

Was it a good decision not to go there? Hmmmm ……

I feel like I am not going to judge here. There might have been other reasons as well….. Who knows….?

Though ….. To my mind, it is worth understanding that going to different job fairs is not just visiting the stands of potential employers. I am convinced that looking for a job is also work. It often takes much time and requires lots of effort. What can be the results? Sometimes you will win. Sometimes you will lose/fail.

To sum up,  as far as I know, going to differnt kinds of job fairs  is really great opportunity to meet lots of people:

a) from the line of your industry who might inform you that there are more new companies/start-ups that want to hire employees, specialists, etc.

b) you might get very valuable information regarding paid and/or unpaid trainings regarding topics that interest you a lot, for example in the area of cyber security, etc.

c) you might get to know  people who work at companies/organizations that might surprise you as well {public relations companies???; governmental organizations???; international institutions??? etc.}

No matter if you make a decision to take part in different job fairs or not, I do wish you lots of luck regarding the search of the job of your dreams.

Lots of luck!






P.S. Who am I? I have gained lots of practical expereience working for different companies form different industries. I have also worked for one of the international corporations where I have hired more than 100 employees. That is why, I do share my knowledge with you today.

Lots of luck!





a job fair – targi pracy

career fair – targi pracy

line of business – branża

industry – przemysł, branża

economy – gospodarka

breakdown – załamanie, także w kontekście gospodarki

boom – 1. hossa, bum; 2. doprowadzić do wzrostu, przeżywać dobrą koniunkturę