TED. Ideas worth spreading. How often do you use this tool to improve your listening and speaking skills?

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So many of you often ask me the following question: ”Magdalena, what is the best way to learn foreign languages?”

It’s obvious that one of the best strategy is to pack your luggage and travel to a country where the language you are interested in is used.

Ok, but what if you know you will not travel within the next 2-3 years? Hmmm … One of the opitions might be to start listening to TED.

But why? You might choose lots of different topics. Besides, you will have access not only to TED speeches (https://ed.ted.com) but also to tapescripts. 

Lots of trainers of Business English use TED to help their students speak English language much better. It is an amazing tool.

So what are the topics? 

* Cultural differences

* Management

* Risk management

* Psychology

and many many other themes

Just visit the website and find out!

What are some of my favourite speeches?

Courage: Teach girls bravery, not perfection, {Reshma Saujani}: https://youtu.be/Fw7FhU-G1_Q?si=kLnoOu7UWQPIEzIS

DNA – Momondo: The DNA Journey/ Ancestry: https://youtu.be/Fw7FhU-G1_Q?si=kLnoOu7UWQPIEzIS

8 tips of success, {Richard St.John} https://www.ted.com/talks/richard_st_john_8_secrets_of_success

Silver spoon or a ….? /Human Resources/ Regina Hartley:





Who has written this article?

Magdalena /Mags/ – a Trainer of Business English language. Mags is a practicioner. She has worked in many different companies and industries. Having gained experience she is a trainer today. Students, employees of smaller and bigger companies as well as workers of corporations benefit from her work a lot as she helps them to break their speaking English barriers so that they can perfom better at their work.

Mags is also a graduate of Clark University (Communication in Business) and of Academy of Management (International Economic Relations)

Contact info: 

tel: 504 940 807

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e-mail: blueproject.mags@wp.pl