Speaking. Valentine's Day.

You may use this material also when you are willing to prepare for FCE/CAE. Enjoy!

1. Compare the two pictures below.

2. How do people celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country?

3. Do you believe in love at the first sight?

4. Do you know any strategies/methods that can be used in order to have a happy marriage?

5. How can couples celebrate a Valentine’s Day every single day? Is it possible? (quality time/enjoy also the little things)

6. What’s one of your favourite film regarding love and real friendship?

Poniżej 2 zdjęcia:

  1. flowers (violet)
  2. padlocks + a film – padlocks

Photos/film: @Mags

padlock Valentine's Day

There is bridge with lots of padlocks below.

1. How many bridges have you seen so far that have this kind of ”decoration”? 

2. Would you like to purchase this kind of padlock and install it on a bridge like this one?

3. Why do people do it?