Magdalena, wait a miunte! Who are you? What do you do on a regular basis?

Business English. Converse with Mags

Magdalena, wait a miunte! Who are you? What do you do on a regular basis?

No, I am not a translator. No, I am not an interpreter. No, no, no ….

So who am I?

During the meeetings I do equip you with basic tools and strategies so that you can speak English more confidently.
I do sometimes joke I am kind of a ”plumber” who solves problems regarding breaking speaking barriers.
I know it’s funny but that’s the only way I can illustrate what I do.

Ok, let’s say you have the expertise knowledge regarding accounting, finance, real estate or the construction of car engines

And …. I’m a kind of facilitator who supports you with gaining fluency in English. During the individual meetings we do speak English as much as we can even if you are not perfect and make errors.
My job is to encourage you to help you break your speaking barriers so that it will be much easier for you to communicate with your foreign contractors during negotiations or during your business trips to other countries. Yes, I do also pay attention to grammar but speaking is around 85% of the meeting. 10-15% is grammar. I do equip you with e-books written by me regarding the basics of conditionals (if…./when…/on condition that…./), passive voice (the report has been written), modal verbs (They could have called us), etc. 

Topics? The topics are selected from areas like Logistics, Crisis Management, Teamwork, Management in toursim industry (hotels, airlines, restaurants, etc.), Management and problem solving that concerns working with people from other countries and cultures.
Besides, Cyber crime, the basics of Finance and Business Processes Outsourcing. If you are interested I do also prepare themes that concern fair trade (the pros and cons) and renewable energy.

In addition:
a) step by step preparation to negotiations,
b) supporting you with public speeches and presentations,
c) helping you with more fluent description of graphs (casue and effect analysis + mathematical analysis including more advanced words)

My goal is to support you with gaining minimum 2,000 general Business English words and expressions so that you can use them freely during your conversations at work and mix them with your technical words that are specific only for your industry and/or your company.

What’s important for me? Concrete but interesting business conversations (I will not write the details here due to many different reasons ….* /one of them is the fact that in the past some companie used to just copy and paste my offer so now I do not write all the details on my website and/or other social media/

*** Yes, I can prepare tailor-made workshops for your regarding only your line of business but it requires lots of time, preparation and long-time cooperation with you and your company before we can even start the classes.
Why? Every production company or corporation, for example in the field of accounting has its own specific vocabulary and processes/procedures. I need to get to know them before I start preparing any customized workshops.
It is possible but as it is very time consuming it is included in the VIP package (I can give you details once you e-mail me at

Business English. Converse with Mags

Magdalena /Mags/ – a Trainer of Business English language. Mags is a practicioner. She has worked in many different companies and industries. Having gained experience she is a trainer today. Students, employees of smaller and bigger companies as well as workers of corporations benefit from her work a lot as she helps them to break their speaking English barriers so that they can perfom better at their work.

Mags is also a graduate of Clark University (Communication in Business) and of Academy of Management (International Economic Relations)

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